The Spotswood South Kingsville Residents Group is arranging a protest in relation to the Western Distributor Project. We’re calling for an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) on our preferred Option 2 for comparison with the chosen Reference Design.

12:30 am, Saturday 30th July
Skate Ramp, Donald McLean Reserve –
The Avenue, Spotswood
Bring toy trucks, signs, gas masks

We believe the project requirements we outlined in our submission have been largely ignored. Project Requirements outlined in our submission that are not reflected in the reference design are:

  1. We cannot accept any option that brings trucks closer than they already are to the Donald McLean Reserve or Emma McLean Kindergarten.
  2. The use of Simcock Avenue as an entry or exit point for the Western Distributor is unacceptable.
  3. That Option 2 goes through the full EES process (with any other options that the project team want to proceed with) to allow for a full comparison once all details are available.

Protesting is not a step any group takes unless they feel that their backs are against the wall. The consultation stage of this project was undertaken with a paucity of information. Option 2 appears to meet the objectives of reducing health impacts and getting trucks off local streets more than the current “Reference Design”. Let’s keep options open and get full impacts on both options examined. We will not watch a problem of truck traffic that has not been ours in the past, be shifted to our neighbourhood, right next to Spotswood’s only sports field and kindergarten. The health of our children matters too.

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